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Getting to Know Video Game Connection

By Crystal Harrell

One of the most beautiful aspects about comic conventions is the union of passion, art, and the creative individuals who take part in the celebration of all things pop culture. With Palm Springs Comic Con's Kickstarter officially commencing February 29th and the actual convention beginning in late November, here's a little something to keep the overwhelming anticipation at bay.

The PSCC blog is pleased to introduce Video Game Connection, who will proudly be represented at Palm Springs Comic Con and Nerdbot Comic Con this year. Vice president and project manager of Video Game Connection, April Cruz, shared more information about her group and their upcoming Pokemon event.

Photo courtesy of Video Game Connection Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Video Game Connection Facebook page

Can you describe what Video Game Connection is?

April: Video Game Connection (VGC) is where gamers and cosplayers meet. Not only do we connect cosplayers through gaming, but one of our main focuses is to bring the game out of the cartridge and into real life.

When did the group form?

April: VGC started a year ago with the simple idea of trying to bridge the gap between cosplayers who game on consoles and gamers who don’t cosplay to play online together. It’s from that simple idea we have grown into much more than just another gamer group.

Who comprises the VGC team?

April: I am vice president and project manager. Let me introduce my crew: There's Pablo, president and founder of VGC; Marisol, who is our lieutenant and head of marketing; and Landon and John, who are our prop builders and crowd monitors. This crew, although small, help make big dreams come true.

Photo courtesy of Video Game Connection Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Video Game Connection Facebook page

Can you share more information about your Pokemon event?

April: PokeOasis is our celebration of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary. We will be bringing the game off the console and into real life, with trainers, gym leaders, battles, and of course, Pokemon. This epic concept is taking place April 16th, 2016 at Fairmount Park from 12:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. We will be having photoshoots, gaming, raffles, vendors, and of course, BBQ because who doesn’t like to eat?

 Have you held any other events in the past?

April: Our first major event was in collaboration with ClubCosplay,  where we brought Mario Kart to life with our event, KartCosplay. We currently have a standing at GeekMeet (an event produced by ClubCosplay at Fullerton Slidebar) in which we hold tournaments, raffles, and run/manage the gaming area of the bar.

Does VCG have any longtime goals or plans for the future?

April: We want to be able to have more of a presence at Cons and other geek/nerd meet-ups. Our group is for the followers and we hope to provide the “gamer life” to everyone and grow the following throughout Southern California. As for the future, we hope to provide more game-to-life events with bigger venues, more vendors, more cosplayers, more gamers, and simply more epic memories to share.

Video Game Connection is currently on Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to follow and keep in the loop with events, meet-ups, and online gaming matches.

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