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Nintendo Switch Presentation Highlights

By Amanda Rossenrode

Nintendo held its live presentation for the Switch last night. There was a lot of dramatic finger snapping and “switch” puns plus a noticeable absence of Zelda until the credits. That’s right Nintendo, there damn well better be a new Zelda game. Eighty percent of your customers are only buying this superfluous new system to be able to play a new Mario and Zelda title before you switch to a new console. Yeah, I know how puns work too. Here are some of the highlights of the presentation:

  • Yes, there will be a new Mario and like Jason before him he is taking Manhattan. Or what looks like Manhattan. Also, his hat has gained sentience and can attack. (Mario Odyssey Coming out Christmas 2017).
  • There is a baffling rumble feature that sounds like ice cubes in a glass. You can add two additional ice cubes to the glass. What this has to do with anything I have no idea. Why do I want my Joy-Con to sound like an empty glass? How long before I get confused and douse my Joy-Con in Kool-Aid in a haze of extreme thirst after hours of playing ARMS?
  • There were quite a few player v. player interactive games that were announced. The aforementioned ARMS, where you can fight your friends, but your arms look like Slinkys. 1-2 Switch looked like one of the few party games that wouldn’t grow old quickly. You play it looking at your partner rather than the screen, which is interesting.
  • The battery life is surprising at 3-6 hours. While I’ve never documented it, I’m quite sure my Nintendo 3DS can last much longer than that. However, it can be charged with an USB-C, which is much more convenient than the 3DS’s charging station. However, if your playing a midnight pick-up game of basketball under a bridge, as the earlier trailer heartily suggests, this may still prove inconvenient.
  • Online Play is free for a limited time and there is no region locking. Eight Switches can sync. To me this sounds like a riddle that must be solved to unlock the next clue but to you this may be relevant information.
  • They really avoided Zelda for the entire presentation, doing an entire bit with a scientist from the Squid Research Lab (Splatoon 2), and saved the Zelda teaser for post credits. The game looks awesome, beautiful graphics and vertigo inducing point of views. I caught myself thinking, “My God, he’s going to fall!” before I remembered it was pixels in a video game.
  • The Nintendo Switch will be released in the U.S. on March 3, 2017 and will cost $299.

Well, what do you guys think of the Nintendo Switch? How will it stand up to the beefed-up PS4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio?

If you missed the live presentation you can watch it at the Nintendo Switch official site.

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