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PSCC: The Next Episode

By Amanda Rossenrode

Can’t make up your mind about whether you should go to Palm Springs Comic Con this weekend? Well I’ll give you a hand. I had a booth in artist alley at PSCC last year and it was super dope funky experience, as the kids say. Here were some of my highlights of last year

A Pirate Called Me Dapper

I don’t get accused of being dapper very often. I often get accused of making a scene at the Burger King. But almost never by a pirate.

I Got to Sit Next to a Gummi Bear

Well, not a real live one. That would be weird. But I had a booth next to a voice actor from the Gummi Bears cartoon, as well as one of my favorite childhood shows, Darkwing Duck. She was super nice and I nearly revealed to her my off-off Broadway play, Black Belt Kitty, which received rave reviews from my grandmother and the kid who lived across the street that ate hair. Anyone’s hair. He was a weird little kid. Black Belt Kitty, written, directed and starring me, was basically a rip off of Darkwing Duck, except I played a cat who knew karate and my sister played a mute duck named Penny. I decided against discussing it, for fear of a copyright suit. Also, I had the Gummi Bears theme song stuck in my head for three days straight, and it was hard to say anything but the lyrics.

I Met A Lot of Cool Artists

It can be overwhelming to walk cold into a comic shop and pick up an indie comic. At last year’s con it was fun to meet the artists, hear what their comics were about and the process they went through creating them. I also met a lot of aspiring artists and writers who came up to our booth and talked about works in process they had. It was fun to be in a community of artists sharing ideas and their work.

I Got to Shoot Some Zombies

Beware the wrath of Lt. Tiddlywinks

Beware the wrath of Lt. Tiddlywinks

The game room offered me the chance to live out my dream: badass zombie hunter. We’ve all imagined who we’d be in a zombie apocalypse. It’s highly preferable to imagining what kind of sandwich you’re going to have for lunch tomorrow. Its ham, you have to finish that ham before it expires. The first thing I would do in a zombie apocalypse is follow the cat, because you never see zombie cats, those felines are self-preservationists. After convincing the colony of cats I was on their side, I would slowly take over, what with my opposable thumbs and ability to open a can of wet food. I would then travel from town to town, protected by my army of adorable hissing soldiers, trading board games for food. Because it’s got to get boring in the land of the dead, as evidence by the last few seasons of Walking Dead. Stop pouting Rick and Carl and bust out the Monopoly!

This happened

Save me Shia LaBeouf!

Save me Shia LaBeouf!

So there you go. We've got plenty in store this year, a game room, panels, cosplay and general merriment of the comic sort. “But,” you say, “I’m a little short on cash, I’m saving up for that diamond hat I’ve been eyeing.” I got you buddy, diamond hats are expensive now-a-days. If you sign up to volunteer, you get a free pass, plus you get to go behind the scenes and possibly meet a Jedi/pirate or ghosts. Or maybe just awesome folks, I only saw one ghost at last year’s event. His name was Matt. We didn’t talk much, he seemed preoccupied with making sure the doors were slammed shut. Kind of a weird ghost.

Anyway, here’s the link for tickets and the link to sign up to volunteer. Matt and I hope to see you there!




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