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Donald Miller’s Top 10 Hip Hop Acts at Coachella Fest 2017

Donald Miller's Top 10 Hip Hop Acts at Coachella 2017

By Donald Miller

  1. Kendrick Lamar
  2. Dj Shadow
  3. Skepta
  4. Mac Miller
  5. Goldlink
  6. Schoolboy Q
  7. Tory Lanez
  8. Stormzy
  9. Travis Scott
  10. Majid Jordan

These are not in any particular order. I'm not a big fan of Coachella Fest anymore but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the talent it brings out. I wish Goldenvoice would add a few more hip hop acts.

One of the few good hip hop/ R&B artists at this year’s Coachella is turntablist DJ Shadow. His music, which he produces himself, is a perfect concoction of funk, jazz, soul, ambient, rock, samples, and hip hop all blended together.

Then you have rappers off the roster of Kendrick Lamar's record label TDE which includes Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul (minus Jay Rock). They all had hot songs over the past couple years and to have most of them should be a great treat! They might play some Black Hippy remixes, which would make me scream like a little girl if I was going -I love TDE! I think they're one of the better labels out right now. With the success of Untitled Unmastered and To Pimp a Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar and the recent BlankFace from Schoolboy Q. Then you have Ab-Soul with his latest album entitled Do What Thou Wilt. I like this label because it has something for everybody; the gansta sound with Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock, an underground lyricist with Ab-Soul and a blend of both with Kendrick Lamar.

Last but not least, two new emcee's I just found out about. They are supposed to be the hot shit outta England: Skepta and Stormzy. A buzz has been building around both of these guys from the “grime scene”. Grime is a blend of U.K. garage and jungle beats mixed with emcees rapping over them. Both of them remind me of an old English rapper named “The Streets”. I checked out a couple songs by both rappers. Not bad. I like Stormzy a little better than Skepta but both have good tunes. I like Stormzy better only because he has a little better delivery than Skepta.

Keep the Boom Bap alive!

Wesley RossenrodeComment