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Hip Hop Meets Comics

By Donald Miller

My love for hip hop goes way back to around 1996 when I heard Aceyalone on cassette tape (yes, I’m kinda old, I know). My love for comics came later, 2012 to be exact, all thanks to my beautiful wife, who got me hooked. Within the past year, I found out there's a perfect blend of the two in the form of Marvel's hip hop variants series.

Looking at these comic book covers brings me back to the time when I first heard the album, like the hip hop variant of Dr. Strange #1 that recreates the iconic cover of Dr. Dre's The Chronic. I'm in my room listening to "Dre Day" for the 200th time again. Some of the comic book characters I had never heard of,  but after reading I wanted to find out more about them, like the super soldier Solo (Action Bronson variant). Now, I have the experience of reading the album I love. That's a crazy way of thinking about it.

These new variants are my new addiction and, like an addict, I got a couple of my fellow hip hop heads hooked!

Whenever I find a couple bucks, I make my way to my plug, a.k.a. the comic book store. I go to the variant section only to find a version of Spider-Man #1 which looks like the cover of Nas' Illmatic. Another thing that Marvel did was that they made them first or second issues of each different series. To me, that means a fresh start with that series.

All and all, if you're a hip hop fan give these variants a read. After buying one and reading it, tell me you won't start looking for a variant of your own favorite album. It's a piece of the past in the present.