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Game Night at The Oasis Resort - A Fistful of Pastel Dollars

By Amanda Rossenrode

Attention game lovers, this Wednesday, June 13th, PSCC will be kicking off the the second  season of Game Nights hosted at The Oasis Resort in Palm Springs. An event I look forward to.

The Game Night. For some, an evening of fun and laughter. For others, competitive folks like myself, a brutal blood sport, more bereft of morals and honor than anything in the Game of Thrones. I treat every game, from Mousetrap to Monopoly as seriously as a game of chess with the Grim Reaper himself. I do not play for my soul however, I play for a fistful of pastel cash.

Life is hard and generally thankless. You can work hard and be smart and still have your manager at Arby’s count every time you say “um” during your explanation of not properly cleaning out the grease trap. In the world of the board game though, you can be a winner at the game of life. It says so right on the box. You can sit next to a stack of unopened final notices on your kitchen counter and build an empire, stock-piling cash and property while bankrupting your friends and buying their precious land at your own triumphant price. You can wait out financial hardships in jail without having a cellmate named Stabbs McGee. You can tell your four-year-old nephew to cut the crap, he pulled a 1 not a 2, and he better not even think about advancing to the Gumdrop Mountains. If he tries it again, you can flip the board off the table and declare him a cheater.

I’m looking forward to Game Night because no one will play with me any longer and it’s really hard to play Clue against yourself. It’s also very sad and usually attracts the attention of the other people in the park, who shake their heads and tell their children not to bother the poor lady. Games are meant to be enjoyed with raucous crowds of people who introduce foreign rules to make the games more entertaining. Sure, you can play Star Wars Monopoly according to the rules, but I lost the rules so we’re going to have to agree on a few things in the beginning, most notably shouting Samuel L. Jackson every time a Mace Windu card is drawn. It doesn’t do much to the game play but is easily the most fun part of the game.

Perhaps one of the best games I have ever been a part of was an all-night session of Monopoly that started with six players, eventually boiling down to the final two. They stood across the table from each other, as tense as Old West duelists at high noon, despite an approaching dawn. The game had been filled with alliances and betrayals, barely legal chicanery and an embargo of property that nearly ended a romantic relationship. We failed players remained, set slightly back from the table and watched with the rapt intensity of spectators at a champion tennis match as each die was cast. The board was overflowing with the hotels and houses of these fictional real estate moguls, rich in land but poor in purse. One player, let’s call him “Ken” had his hopes shored up in his Boardwalk empire, an area that had made debtors out of a few but had been sidestepped by his last remaining opponent, “Carl”, due to an extended, but beneficial incarceration in Monopoly jail. They leaned over the table, glaring at one another and the dice fell like heavy stones in a well. Ken looked down at the number and sweat beaded on his forehead. He mentally counted the spaces. Right into the Purple complex, an area that I had been robbed of during my financial crisis.

No one breathed as Ken desperately counted his remaining cash. His opponent’s grin began to spread across his face like a stain. Ken had played coolly, with a calculated stratagem in mind and his opponent had played like a devil, with twists and turns, wheedling bargains and alliances he cut as soon as they were no longer useful to him. Oddly, we respected him for that.

“Look,” Ken stammered, fanning out his scant money, “I’ll give you-“

“No.” Carl stated. “I want my money.” Ken’s property wouldn’t have done him much good anyway, most of it was already mortgaged. “Do you have it?”

Ken glared at him. There was a silence and almost imperceptible shake of the head.

Always a graceful winner, his opponent leapt up in the air like he was about to be freeze framed in an 80’s sports movie.

I WIN!!!!!!” He screamed. We all cheered him, glad to be able to finally go home and Ken sunk in his chair like he had just lost the right to bulldoze the youth center for his new condo development. In that moment we felt like we could do anything, maybe even tell our bosses they could clean out the damn grease trap themselves. To quote the legendary Jacob Dillion, we could be heroes, for just one day.

So come down to the Game night on Wednesday, be a hero, be a villain, be a side character or the guy who gets killed in the opening credits. Just know this:

There will be snacks.

PSCC Game Night at The Oasis Resort

Select games will be provided, but it is bring your own game friendly

Where: The Oasis Resort, 4190 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs 92264

When: Wednesday, June 7th , 6pm-11pm – and continuing weekly through summer months

Additional Info: Concessions will be available from 6pm-7pm featuring the scrumptious likes of Ice Cream, Funnel Cakes and yes my friends, Chili Dogs!

For additional info check out PSCC’s Facebook Event Page here