A geek culture convention celebrating comic books, past and present, while embracing its diverse and multi-media future.

About Ourselves And Our Partners


Our History


Palm Springs Comic Con is Your Comic Con

Palm Springs Comic Con is more than a pop culture convention. We are a geek culture convention. We pride ourselves in honoring the rich tradition and history of comic books, sci fi, and fantasy, while embracing all forms of media, especially new media such as YouTube, blogging, podcasts, tech, and indie game development. We want to offer an experience that gives the fans more of a connection than the typical convention. We want our fans to not just satiate the desire to consume the fandoms they love but to feel educated, informed, inspired, to feel like they too can do what the creators of the art they love can do.

We are a convention by the fans, for the fans. Thanks to the fan community, Palm Springs Comic Con was able to raise over $14,000 in startup money via Kickstarter. Thanks to you, we have are able to bring you the intimate experience that more and more fans are seeking. We are able to offer a safe place for fans to connect with one another. So again, we cannot thank you enough!!!

Palm Springs Comic Con has partnered with some amazing businesses and organizations to help bring you the best convention that we possibly can. We are extremely proud to work with them and show them our support in return. We hope that you do the same.

Interested in being a partner for Palm Springs Comic Con?

Are you interested in being a partner for Palm Springs Comic Con? We're looking for local businesses interested in being a part of a community based, community funded, family friendly, educational event, who value diversity, youth culture, and safe places for creativity to flourish. If that's you, please send a partnership deck request by emailing us at