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Applying To Be An Exhibitor

applying For an Exhibitor/Artist Table

PLEASE READ: Due to the limited amount of spaces available, in order to be considered for an exhibitor booth or artist alley table, please fill out the following application form.  Be advised that filling out the form below DOES NOT guarantee selection to purchase a space at PSCC. Once you are selected you will be sent the access code to purchase a space. Being given the access code DOES NOT guarantee availability of space. Exhibitor booths and artist alley tables are on a first come, first served basis. Exhibitors who are new to PSCC and are selected to book a space, new exhibitor registration will begin on September 14th. Once you have purchased a space, you will then be contacted by our exhibitor manager where you will then be able to select your placement on our exhibit floor. Space selection is based on the time stamp on your purchase. If you have specific needs for placement please send your questions to By filling out the form below and submitting it you are confirming that you have read the preceding terms and acknowledge that you are aware of them.

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